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HG x LDT: 1 of 1 Project


Horizontal Goods and Lilian Day Thorpe—a creative duo for over 15 years—teamed up to form the 1 of 1 Project. In the 1 of 1 Project, Lilian created 6 unique prints inspired by a recent trip to Florence to be sold exclusively through Horizontal Goods. The catch? Each 1 of 1 print is an edition of 1—meaning, Lilian will only make ONE print of each one, and once it’s sold, it’s sold! A truly one of a kind experience.

The facts:
- Each 1 of 1 print is 12 x 12 inches (1 square foot), printed on archival 16 x 20 inch Hahnemühle paper
- Each 1 of 1 print is $101 :)
- A new 1 of 1 print is released every Saturday at 1PM for six weeks

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