Lilian Day Thorpe | Photomontage Artist

About the Project

The Small Prints Project is a collection of miniature fine art prints which are affordable and high-quality, accessible to serious and amateur collectors alike. A new print is released every Sunday.

A collection of high-quality, affordable, miniature fine art prints for professional and amateur collectors alike

Art makes people happy. I love to surround myself with work by artists I admire, but I know how hard it can be to build that collection when even a single piece can break the bank! This is why I started the Small Prints Project: a collection of miniature fine art prints which are affordable, high-quality, and accessible to everyone.

The Small Prints collection grows each week, with the release of one new piece every Sunday. (Don’t worry, though, all the past prints will still be available!) Each artwork is 6x6 inches and archivally printed on 8x10-inch paper, the perfect size to pop into a standard photo frame. In short, you can be assured that although small and reasonably priced, this is a quality piece that will last a lifetime.

I am passionate about this side project because the majority of my work – sold through Courthouse Gallery Fine Art – consists of limited edition prints. This means that once they are sold out, they are sold out forever. My Small Prints, while the same quality as my limited edition montages, are miniature and open edition, which keeps them affordable.



What is a photomontage?

A photomontage is a collage created from photographic images. I use my own, original photographs in my work, combining and digitally manipulating them to appear more painterly than photographic. The photographs I use are a combination of analog and digital images. You can read more about my process and inspiration here.

What is open edition?

Open edition artwork means there is no limit to the number of prints that will be released. This is what keeps these prints affordable. Outside of this project, all my prints are limited editions of 25, which means that once they are sold out, they are sold out forever. While this has its benefits, it also makes them more expensive and less accessible. My limited edition pieces are available through Courthouse Gallery Fine Art and can be purchased here.

Why do these cost so much less than my larger pieces?

These prints are the same quality you can get at a gallery, with top-notch paper and archival printing methods. They’re just affordable because they’re small and open edition. Creating an accessible and affordable collection is my goal!

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! Shipping within the U.S. costs just $5 per order, and shipping anywhere else in the world is just $10 per order.